Every wondered if you could make money as a college athlete without risking your eligibility? You can be an athlete and an entrepreneur.

Everyone says wait until you are done with your eligibility before you try and start a business so you can focus on your sport and not risk your eligibility?

So why are most student-athletes graduating with no work experience and no way to make income outside of financial aid?


Getting paid and staying eligible is absolutely a possibility if you learn the strategies and tools that I will teach you. Because I’ve been where you are. 

I was a Division II athlete breaking conference and school records, maintaining above a 3.5 GPA, and involved in multiple organizations and clubs. As the President of SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee), I was able to learn about the bylaws regarding self-employment for student-athletes. My success on the court was holding me back from making money. I wasn’t able to…

  • have a part-time job because of basketball practices and games.

  • get those internships at big companies and organizations because I lived in a small college town

But I made opportunities where I was. I learned how to make an extra $100-$500 a month as a college student and used that experience to work with some of the most notable brands and organizations within sports.


Most student-athletes are in your same position!

If only student-athletes could TRUST how great of an investment it would be to get signed up and simply listen to the information you have to share and get a jump on things NOW, rather than later (or never at all). I really really like this program that you are offering..like.. WHY NOT do it? - Byrce Tennison, Former Division I student-athlete & Entrepreneur


It sucks constantly wondering if you will become ineligible if you decide to start a business or make money as a college athlete. 

It sucks freaking out every month because you have to ask your parents for money to get your necessities. 

It sucks stressing about your blank resume and starting your career without getting any work experience in college.

There are 2 things you need to succeed in life after sports: Work Experience & the ability to build relationships. That’s what you’ll learn in my program, the StudentAthletepreneur.

What if you were taught how to leverage your status as a student-athlete to build relationships with some of the top professors, deans, and presidents at your university to help you land that dream job?

How would it feel to learn how to get paid, stay eligible and gain valuable work experience without getting a job or internship? You can now tell that potential employer how you were able to manage classes, excelling on the field/court, while also having a side hustle as a student athlete. With the restrictions of not being able to use your name/likeness and image, you have been able to creatively market your services and products. You have garnered skills that every employer would want. 

What if you really enjoyed the grind of your side hustle and wanted to make it into a full time career after your eligibility days are over. What if entrepreneurship isn't just a job? It could be the fifth quarter for you because you still have some game left in you!


You are scared to do anything that may jeopardize you losing your athletic scholarship. Which means you are not making money, you are not gaining any work experience, and you are not doing a very good job networking outside of your athletic network. 

I want to help you learn different ways to get paid as a student-athlete while maintaining your eligibility. You will gain experience and make money without getting a part-time job or internship.


Let’s Get To Work!


Course work

There are 5 trainings in our content center where you’ll learn the technical aspects of learning and creating your business as a college athlete.


Group Coaching

Each week to spend time with me LIVE on video to get your questions answered.


Special Guest Trainers

We bring in former student athletes who are student-athlete entrepreneurs. They will share how they were able to do it all, and so many other topics.


Krystal Beachum

Krystal is an author and entrepreneur that helps student-athletes get paid, stay eligible and explore entrepreneurship as a career in life after sports. As an advocate for student-athlete entrepreneurship, my work has been featured on NCAA.org. As a former student-athlete who had a side hustle, I have been able to use my experience to work with companies and organizations like Nike, New Era, EA Sports, NFLPA, LPGA tour, and the Women’s Final Four. I have spoken at multiple colleges and universities over the last three years on the topics of reimagining your degree, student-athlete entrepreneurship, and life after sports.



This is not a good fit if:

  • You are full of excuses and not ready to do the work. 

  • You want to use your name and likeness to create income.

This is a good fit if:

  • If you are looking for other alternatives to gain experience without getting a part-time job or internship. 

  • You have an idea for a business and want to bring it into fruition.

  • You don’t see yourself as an entrepreneur but you wantto create income as a college student, so you don't have to ask your parents for money. 

Here is what people are saying about the course:

  • Not only is the content critical for any student-athlete looking to be an entrepreneur, but it is easily laid out, and certainly worth every penny. Every athlete will be thrilled to have heard from such an expert! -Mark Moyer, Transition Coach for Professional Athletes

  • I think the work you are doing is amazing. I am a 20 year old entrepreneur and former NCAA student athlete. I believe in what you do 100%. I started my business because of my experience as an athlete. I love the work that I do. By graduation, it should be profitable enough for me to do it full-time. Entrepreneurship is probably one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do but starting my business in college is the best thing I’ve ever done. For the first two years, I didn't make a thing yet my room, tuition, and books were paid. I could fail and start over because I still had a meal plan and a dorm room that was “mine.” - Krista Forbes, Former Student-Athlete & Entreprenuer

How much does it cost?

The total value of the program is $497. There is a special sale currently happening where you can save up to 50% OFF. Yes, there are payment plans available. 

Will I lose my eligibility working with you and this program?

No, You will be working closely with your compliance department to make sure you are up to par on all bylaws. 

What is in the course?

There are 3 big components to the program.

(1) Group coaching – each week to spend time with me LIVE on video to get your questions answered.

(2) Course work – there’s trainings in our content center where you’ll learn the technical aspects of learning and creating your business as a college athlete. 

(3) Special Guest Trainers – We bring in former student athletes who are now entrepreneurs or created a business in college and have them train you on how they were able to do it all, so many other topics.

What results can I expect?

We cannot guarantee results, however we can guarantee that we will show up and go above and beyond to help you succeed. If you promise to do the same, then we know we can help you make money as a college athlete!

Will I have access to the course even after the program ends?

Yes you will! After your 6 weeks is over, you will still be able to access the course material for 1 year. 

Will I have time for all of this?

Each training will be short and concise. You will be learning strategies that will allow you to make money with only a few hours a week.