Did you know that you can monetize Instagram shoutouts?

But. . . did you know that can’t monetize a YouTube channel?

It’s complicated. But it’s doable. You need guidance.

If you’re like most of the student athletes that I’ve worked with, you’re ready to make some money on the side but you don’t have the flexibility and time for a traditional job. Even with training, practice, and classes, you still want to start a business.

But with the NCAA rules, what can you safely do to make money without compromising your scholarship?

As a student athlete, you can get paid. But you need to be compliant.

Did you know that you can start a business for less than $100?

No, I’m not talking about an MLM. You can get a Shopify store and Tee Spring and website up for your side hustle by bootstrapping your way.

You’re already strapped for time. Can you build a side hustle with your already limited time?



Mini Case Study #1

Smart student, marketing student who monetized his YouTube channel but lost his scholarship. Everyone lost. The psychological damage to himself, the department, and the ACC football team.


Mini Case Study #2

SEC Football player did direct sales with an MLM and started creating income. After graduation, he continues to create income while also working full-time.


Mini Case Study #3

SEC Women’s Track & Field Athlete created a non-profit while organizing a back to school event raising thousands of dollars while maintaining her eligibility along with winning national awards in her sport.

But you need to do it right.


There’s a right way and a wrong way to monetize as a NCAA athlete. You may have heard the nightmarish stories about athletes who lost their eligibility when they broke rules they didn’t even know about.



In my program, you’ll learn how to safely monetize your side hustle as a NCAA athlete.


I’ll show you how to navigate the rules and regulations, so that you can build a safe and smart side hustle that gets you paid.How to build community and your social media platform so that it will be ready to monetize as soon as you can. Start building content outside of sports now. One of the biggest mistakes that I see is athletes waiting too long to start building their platforms, so that when graduation rolls around.